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The Carlisle Family YMCA offers three ACA accredited day camp programs. All day camp programs are designed to encourage fun, friendships and exploration both indoors and outdoors for all ages. Our staff provide a positive, safe space for campers to learn and grow. Staff are excited and determined to help campers discover science, explore nature and engage in the creative arts, while learning about the vast opportunities in the world around them. We are a camp that has the campers outside majority of the day. Please dress them in light clothes, shorts, outfits appropriate for play.

Our Summer Day camp programs offer structure camp time during the hours of 9-4, however our hours of operation for free play, dodgeball, games, inside play prior to the start of the day and at the end of the day are 7:45am-5pm. The Carlisle Family YMCA camping programs do not do any partial weeks, a flat fee is paid whether campers come everyday or only a few days. No extra money is needed for field trip days, and campers will swim during the week here at our YMCA pool. We do not provide swim lessons during camp, our sessions are free swim only. During pool time, we strive to make sure campers feel comfortable and will follow the swim level parents pick during registration. Poor and Fair swimmers will be marked red and when ready can opt to take a swim test to move up to moderate level ( and yellow band) Swim test are often but not offered every day. To pass a swim test you must be able to swim freestyle the length of the pool while breathing correctly - and then tread water for 1 min. Non-swimmers will be required to wear a pack, or you can opt to bring your own floatation. Camp is split into 2 groups ( swim and shade\tent time) with staff present during both. These times are 130-230; and 230-330 during swim days, if you are in need of early pick up- please be sure to note during drop off so we can be sure to change their swim time accordingly.