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2021 Camp Registration System has changed

**Update** New Camp registration system begins for the 2021 summer camp season.…/

If you have updated your information in our system since June of 2020 you should be good to log in as normal.

If you have not but still a member or have been in the Carlisle Family YMCA prior you will need to follow the directions above. Selecting the center box to setup and update your information.

If you are a member of another YMCA but NOT the Carlisle Family YMCA or just a NON-Member you will need to select no account or credentials follow the steps and click Participant\Non Member membership at the bottom of the page once logged in and continue your registration.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are registering more than one sibling for any of our summer camps, please email Camping Services Director Brittany Rose at to let her know if you want to apply the one-time $30 fee you paid at registration to your outstanding balance or if you would like it returned to the payment method you used for your deposit.