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Looking for the perfect location to host your next group outing or event? Look no further than Camp Thompson! Nestled in the heart of Pine Grove Furnace State Park, our picturesque camp offers a stunning natural backdrop for a wide range of group activities and experiences.

Why Choose Camp Thompson for Your Group Event?

Camp Thompson is more than just a summer camp for kids. We’re a versatile and dynamic venue for all types of group gatherings. Whether you’re planning a team-building retreat, a school field trip, a college orientation program, a summer field trip, or an adventure-packed outing, we have everything you need to make your event a success.

Our Rental Offerings Include:

  • Team-Building: Strengthen bonds and enhance collaboration among your team in our beautiful outdoor setting.
  • School Field Trips: Provide your students with a unique and educational outdoor experience they’ll cherish.
  • College Orientation Groups: Kick off the college journey with a memorable and adventurous orientation program.
  • Summer Field Trips: Add excitement to your summer activities with a day filled with fun and adventure.
  • Adventure Programming: Customize your adventure program to suit your group’s goals and preferences.

Why Choose Camp Thompson?

  1. Scenic Beauty: Our camp is nestled between Fuller and Laurel lakes, offering breathtaking views and serene surroundings that inspire and refresh.
  2. Versatile Facilities: We have the facilities and spaces to accommodate various group sizes and activities, ensuring a tailored experience for your needs.
  3. Professional Staff: Our experienced and dedicated staff are here to assist you in planning and executing a successful event.
  4. Endless Adventure: With access to a range of exciting activities, from hiking to archery to team-building challenges, your group will have plenty of options for adventure and bonding.
  5. Memorable Experiences: Camp Thompson is all about creating unforgettable memories, and we’re committed to making your event exceptional.

Book Your Event at Camp Thompson Today!

Camp Thompson is more than just a camp; it’s a destination for making lasting memories and forging stronger connections within your group. Whether you’re seeking team-building experiences, educational outings, or adventure-filled field trips, we have the perfect setting and resources to make it happen.

Ready to make Camp Thompson your next group outing destination? Contact us today to discuss your event details, explore our facilities, and start planning an unforgettable experience at our beautiful camp.